Culture & Values

Enzon is committed to the development of therapeutics to treat cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Our commitment is driven by a set of corporate values that focus on five key elements essential to the success of our business: people, passion, performance, pride, and a steadfast commitment to delivering on our promises. These values describe who we are, how we conduct ourselves, and are founded upon a commitment to excellence.


Our employees are the foundation of our business. We are committed to cultivate an environment that attracts, motivates, and develops individuals who are committed to playing an active role in our success as a company. We respect the importance of the individual but also recognize the remarkable potential and strength of a unified team.


We are passionate about advancing our common goal of bringing innovative products to the marketplace to improve patient care. We have a “can do” attitude and believe in transforming possibilities into realities. We believe in ourselves, believe in Enzon’s potential, and want to be a major part of maximizing that potential.


We are committed to maintaining a high-performance culture that is focused on the long-term success of Enzon. We strive for our performance to exceed the expectations of everyone we deal with in our jobs — both internally and externally. We take initiative to work independently and together to seize opportunities, indentify solutions, and overcome challenges.


We take pride in maintaining high standards of quality in all that we do. We are dedicated to the people who depend on our business and our products.


We believe that promises that are made must be delivered — as the success of our business rests upon our trustworthiness. We are honest and accountable for our actions.